Surgical facilities are available at Ormskirk, Kirkby and Upholland. We use the safest drugs available to perform general anaesthesia and have the latest monitoring equipment.  

Surgery can be booked in advanced for elective procedures such as spays and castrations. For other surgeries it is recommended you speak to your veterinary surgeon about the appropriate time to book the surgery.

 Pre-Surgery Checklist for Routine Procedures

  1. Male dogs and cats undergoing castration must be first seen by a vet. This is to ensure they have two testicles. They also need to be over 6 months of age.
  2. Cat spays can be performed at any time over the age of 6 months. If they have not been seen by a vet recently we ask they are given the once over before surgery.
  3. Bitch spays are performed over the age of 6 months and in between two seasons. For example, if your bitch is 2 years old and had her last season in January we would spay her March (3 months after heat). We also spay bitches before their first heat eg at 6 months old. If we have not seen your day in the last 6 months please book them in for a quick check before surgery.
  4. It is recommended your pet is not overweight for elective procedures. If your pet is overweight we may request they go on a diet before surgery. Just like in humans, being overweight greatly increases their anaesthetic risk.
  5. Please inform us if you pet is on a raw food diet.
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