With the growing population of dogs the number of pets that fall into the “obese” or “overweight” category has also increased dramatically. Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to manage your dogs weight. It allows for exercise that is not traumatic to joints, a part of the body that anatomically comes under extreme stress when your pet is overweight.


Prevention is always better than cure. Taking a proactive approach to your pets health and fitness will prove very beneficial to their overall health and welfare. This is why we recommend hydrotherapy not just as a treatment for when your pet becomes overweight or needs rehabilitation following surgery but also as a means of keeping fit. This is especially useful to our clients that lead busy lives and cannot always take their dog on a daily walk, or those with mobility issues. 


Prior to you first hydrotherapy session all patients are required to have a full health screening by one of our vets. This allows us to ensure there is no reason why hydrotherapy may be contraindicated. If there is a pre-existing health complaint this can also be communicated to our fully trained hydrotherapist Hillary. She has many years experience swimming with dogs and does a fantastic job at tailoring programs to your individual pets needs.  


Call us today to arrange a callback from Hillary on 01695 572837.


How does it work?

Fine needles are introduced into the skin of the patient and gently rotated. This causes a local and peripheral effect. The local stimulation leads to increased in healing through blood flow and nerve firing which extends to the brain lessening the pain response. 


What do we use it for?

Our main reason for using acupuncture is as a complimentary therapy in pain management. It has been shown to be particularly useful in chronic pain cases related to the musculoskeletal and neurologic system. 


How often should it be done?

This decision is made on an individual basis. Some patients will have much longer lasting effects than others. We rely on clients monitoring their pets at home and use this assessment as to how often they think it needs performing. 

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