By 3 years of age, 80% of small animal patients will need some sort of dental treatment. This is why we recommend a dental check-up at least every 6 months. This can be arranged with either a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse. Luckily, the majority of dental diseases are preventable through regular cleaning. 


What is Peridontal Disease?

Peridontal disease is inflammation of the structures surrounding the tooth, including the cementum, alveolar bone, gingiva and peridontal ligament. It’s the most common cause of dental disease in our small animal patients. The end outcome is tooth loss however it can have many manifestations along the way. Patients who are suffering from another systemic disease, have diabetes mellitus or are on long term steroid or immunosuppressive therapy can be at increased risk of dental disease. 


What are the signs of Peridontal Disease?

Among others, the most commonly noticed signs of are:

  • Bad breath 
  • Changed eating habits 
  • Reluctance to play with chew toys


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