Consultations are by appointment only. They can be made for all of our branches by calling the surgery and speaking to one of our team. Appointments are available Monday-Friday both morning and evening. On Saturday mornings we have appointments available in Ormskirk and Kirkby. Emergencies are seen exclusively in Ormskirk.

Your consultation is the first port of call when you have a sick pet. From there your pet can either be admitted for treatment or sent home with medication if the case can be managed as an outpatient. We ask that when possible you stick to your appointment time and only arrive 10 minutes before. Our car parks and waiting rooms can get very congested.

You may occasionally see a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) for your consultation. Things that a RVN can do are: perform second vaccinations, perform post operation checks, remove stitches, check for parasites and apply medications, weight management appointments and dental appointments.

We often have veterinary students with us. Your consultation may be started or led by a student with a veterinary surgeon joining later. This is an excellent way to allow future vets to develop their skills, we thank you for your cooperation in working with our students. If you feel your appointment is of a sensitive nature and would prefer not to have a student present please make this known to the front desk.

Call Kirkby Branch Main Line