Cheap Milk and Broken Windows

You may have woken up to a bottle of milk on your doorstep this morning. Firstly, we’re sorry we couldn’t deliver to everyone but there simply wasn’t enough to supply the whole of Ormskirk. In total we were able to hand out 247 bottles of milk for free.

A little bit about what we did and why:

Last night we went to Morrison’s in Ormskirk and found that a large quantity of milk had reduced labels (9p for Green Top, 6p for Blue Top) on them. We asked the shop assistant what was going to happen to it and he said it was going to be thrown out.

To waste food at such a critical time for our country seemed such a shame, so we bought the majority however still leaving some for the remainder of shoppers before the shop closed (about 30 minutes left of trading).

We then drove round some of the roads in Ormskirk leaving it on doorsteps with a business card. The reason for the card is so people knew where it came from and could be reassured it wasn’t stolen or counterfeit.

Why was this milk so cheap?

The date on the milk is VERY short. It is therefore advisable to either freeze the milk and consume at a later date (if you have plenty already), use immediately or discard should you choose to.

Sadly, what started out to be a very enjoyable and rewarding evening later developed into something more saddening. At approximately 9:15pm last night we were informed of an attempted robbery at our Orrell site on St. James Road. Thankfully nobody was hurt during this incident.

Stay home, stay safe, save lives!

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our loyal and supportive clients at this very challenging time!